HTML 4.01 Level 1

If you have surfed the Internet, you undoubtedly have an idea of what Web pages are and have seen some of their capabilities and limitations. However, merely using the World Wide Web will not give you an understanding of how these pages are created. This course presents the basics of this foundational Web technology and enables you to create your own functional pages.

HTML 4.01 Level One

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HTML: Web Authoring, Level 2

In this course, students will use HTML tables (learned how to create in Level 1) to lay out the contentWeb pages. Students will create new and different kinds of hypertext links, expanding existing understanding of links between Web pages. Students will create forms and add dynamic and multimedia content to your pages in order to increase the interactivity and appeal Web pages. Students will apply Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) formatting to elements in new ways and harness the true power ...

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HTML: Web Authoring, Level 3

This course is designed to introduce developers to the elements, attributes,and development techniques of HTML 4.01, particularly those elements and attribus that are only supported by Netscape Navigator 6.0 and later and Microsoft InternetExplorer 6.0 and later. Many elements and attributes in HTML 4.01 have rarely beeused due to lack of browser support. These new features add a new level of power, flexibility, and accessibility to Web documents. With the introduction of more standards-compliant browsers, developers can now use these ...

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