Issues such as what products or services to develop, should the organization offer increased services, should a large purchase be made, or what is the effect of a new law arise in every organization. Management must concern itself with making changes as a result of these issues and their corresponding solutions. Projects are established to carry out these changes and someone is always responsible for each project’s successful completion. As change gets implemented, your organization cannot afford to have these characteristics:

  • Projects that are completed late, at the last minute, or in a hurry use more resources than planned and lack clear goals; lack of cost tracking mechanisms or does not meet customer requirements.
  • Changes implemented using weak or non-existent standard processes and techniques.
  • Management of projects is reactive and viewed as not providing value for the organization.
  • Change occurs with little attention directed toward how to best manage and implement the change. Don’t let these characteristics plague your organization’s hard work and efforts to implement change. Successful change requires careful, step-by-step planning, day-to-day management and additional attention to those activities that bring about the change. Productive change depends on effective and efficient management of change through the use of structured project management discipline, techniques, and communication.

Askler, Fitch and Associates offers comprehensive and varied project management training that allows your organization to be more productive when implementing change. Training is available in introductory through advanced project management concepts and techniques, skill building for project managers and team members (interpersonal relationships, communication, team building, and resource management), and mentoring/consulting services. Project management concepts taught are modeled after principles identified in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project

Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), universally accepted and ANSI approved standards. Askler, Fitch and Associates is able to customize any project management training to meet the needs of any organization. Our clients receive the highest level of dynamic, up-to-date project management training matched to the individual requirements of the organization.

Dr. Bruce E. Mousa, and Askler, Fitch and Associates, is our project management specialist. Dr. Mousa has unique and extensive experience and training in completing successful projects, as well as serving as instructor, consultant, mentor/coach and course developer in project management, communications, and team building. He has completed projects in areas of construction, human resources, employee fringe benefits, labor relations, budget planning, information technology, and strategic planning. Dr. Mousa is currently working with various groups in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. He is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).