Online training not for you? Here’s why…

Online Training Pitfalls

Online training has become a trend. An unprecedented number of people are opting for online training. While there are certain advantages of online training, the disadvantages cannot be unheeded.

The online training pitfalls must be looked into by any and sundry who is considering getting trained on anything using online resources and classes. The hard sales campaigns of online training institutes can convince anyone to believe that it is a revolution in the education industry and for education itself but it isn’t a revolution that is all helpful and without any shortcomings.

  • One of the most bothersome of all online training pitfalls is that it is very difficult to infer whether or not a student gets trained well. Traditional methods of imparting education also do not assure that every student would become equally trained and intelligent but with online methods, the chances are meager. This is primarily because there is no direct influence of a teacher or trainer. In a traditional setting, a trainer or teacher can have a much more impressive impact on a student. There is direct association of the teacher and student which makes the ground for a more focused approach for both. In an online setting, a trainer or teacher hardly gets to work on the student. It is entirely up to the student to self learn and get better. In traditional settings, a teacher can influence a student and implement measures that can improve the student’s approach to a particular course.
  • The second pitfall of online training is that a student often loses focus and finds it very difficult to concentrate. In a traditional setting, there are very few distractions and the ambience is facilitative of imparting education. With online education or training, a student may be at home, at a friend’s place, on the go or anywhere. The place where a student is when attending to the online class may not be conducive to imparting education. There may be and would be distractions which will never allow the student to focus completely.
  • One of the online training pitfalls that almost everyone would experience is a shortage of available time for personal tasks. Whenever one brings work or education right into the living space, leisure would take a hit. Since online training can be attended to from anywhere, many people actually do it from home and at hours when one should be catering to personal tasks. Attending a class late in the evening for convenience is an unwise move.
  • Finally, the most common of all online training pitfalls is that a huge majority of people find it difficult to learn anything with online classes.

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