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  • I have had the pleasure of both being instructed by Ralph, and using Ralph’s skills to develop a major process improvement. He can relate to business issues in the classroom, and take instruction beyond the simple examples typically found in a classroom environment and make them something meaningful to his students. He can also take problems and develop workable solutions as he did for me when faced with the challenges of process change within today’s business environment. And he always has a positive attitude and an almost permanent smile. And that is something special about Ralph as an individual that I will always remember.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.–Hal Webb, March 3, 2009

  • Kathy is an excellent business partner and service provider. The expertise with which she manages the solutions her organization develops for her clients, along with her care and concern for her clients, and, her high level of integrity, all combine to deliver excellence during every engagement. She is an admirable leader and a delightful person.–Carla Cole, n/a, Intellinetics worked directly with Kathy at Askler, Fitch and Associates,  May 27, 2009

  • Kathy and her organization have developed numerous IT related training programs for our company. The classes are always very well received based on the surveys completed afterward and direct feedback. Kathy has a very high focus on customer satisfaction and works very hard to ensure we are delighted with her service. We are certain to use her company for many years to come.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value –Brett Mello hired Askler, Fitch & Associates as a Trainer in 2002,  November 29, 2008

  • Kathy and her company, Askler-Fitch always provide the highest caliber IT training available in the Battle Creek area. They are highly responsive to our needs, provide attentive and personal service, and live up to their commitments. I have been proud to work with them for about the past 18 years, prior to starting their own business during periods when they were part of other IT training chains. While that has represented a lot of change, the one thing that never changed was their commitment to service and to the client.   October 31, 2008 Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity –Gwen Day hired Askler, Fitch & Associates as an IT Consultant in 2000, and hired us more than once.

  • I have always found Kathy to be very customer oriented. Her personality and knowledge lend itself to the business of doing great computer training. Our student evaluations are always excellent and further computer training is often sought by her former students. As a person and as a business owner, Kathy is top notch!  October 30, 2008  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value –Jim Hagon hired Askler, Fitch & Associates as a IT Consultant in 2003, and hired Kathy more than once

  • I have known Kathy for about 13 years and she has always held the highest levels of honest and integrity in all that she does. Most recently, she was a partner of mine working hand and hand with my team of resources to assist with a custom Oracle training initiative for a global manufacturer. I would highly recommend Kathy on both a personal and professional level - ANYTIME! October 21, 2008 –Julie Smolenski, Regional Sales Manager, Five Star Development was a consultant or contractor to Kathy at Askler, Fitch & Associates

  • It was always a pleasure to work with Kathy. I had the opportunity to present training programs for her company, as well as work as a colleague in a different training company. Kathy is a hard-working professional willing to work with clients to determine their needs and then to provide highly competent services to meet that need. I can recommend her very highly. Dr. Bruce E. Mousa” August 31, 2008 –Bruce Mousa, Independent Professional, Bruce Mousa Services worked directly with Kathy at Askler, Fitch & Associates